Working With Documents

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Documents are an essential element of any job. If you’re passing off the project to an employee who is new to the team or getting ready for a busy season documentation is a must. You can give your team a wealth information including login details for accounts and step-by-step directions by preparing a comprehensive documentation. Documentation can also help save time since you don’t have to look through emails or download files in order to locate the information you require.

Document — (noun) an item of document that contains official information such as a receipt, contract or letter. Document can also be a written record of something, such as an entry in a journal or a school report. Documents can be structured or semistructured. Documents that are not structured include handwritten notes, newspaper articles and letters; semistructured include databases, books, and online blogs. Documents can also be a work of nonfiction that serves as information to study or compare, such as manuscripts illustrations, printed matter maps, photographs, and museum specimens.

A document is a document on the macOS device that includes text and formatting that can be printed on paper or viewed using an LCD. You can create documents with macOS applications such as Pages and TextEdit as well as using templates in the App Store. For more information, refer to the Apple Documentation for Pages and the Apple Documentation for TextEdit. You can also find support for these and other applications by selecting Help in the menu bar while working or by searching “document” on your Mac.

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